• 1924.8.1
    Open "Yuasa Shoten" as a private company in Nishi-ward, Nagoya city, manufactures and sells yarns and parts for textile machinery.
  • 1952.9.1
    Change the organization into a joint-stock company with the name of "Gosi Kaisha Yuasa Shoten".
  • 1963.3.5
    From manufacturing department of hard chrome-plated yarn parts YUASA YARN GUIDE ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. has been established. At this time the plant began construction at the current headquarters site (Tempaku-ward, Nagoya city) and went into operation officially on October 25 of the same year.
  • 1967.2.1
    YUASA YARN GUIDE ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. is merged with "Gosi Kaisha Yuasa Shoten".
  • 1968.7.15
    The Nakasuna Factory and Nakasuna Dormitory were constructed and went into operation in Nakasuna-town, Tempaku-ward.
  • 1974.9.25
    Celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary
  • 1968.7.15
    The main building of the head office is completed
  • 1984.9.17
    The west building of the head office is completed
  • 1992.8.26
    Reconstruction of South No. 1 Factory in Nakasuna town
  • 1993.7.21
    Reconstruction of South No. 2 Factory in Nakasuna town
  • 1995.12.12
    Reconstruction of the central building of the head office.
  • 2000.7.1
    PC network construction
  • 2004.8.1
    Celebrate the company's 50th anniversary
  • 2004.10.1
    Reconstruction of South No. 3 Factory in Nakasuna town.
  • 2006.2.13
    Received eco stage 1 certification
  • 2013.9
    Construction of the 5th factory.
  • 2017
    Shigeru Yuasa became president.