Message from the President

Building and develop YUASA in the future to become to a company loved by everyone from promote know-how and our history,
Yuasa has been developing for almost 100 years in niche field called "yarn guide", which is a part in a textile machine to guide the yarn running.
Our history begin from 13th year of the Taisho era. Starting with sale of materials for yarn production, then we expanded our business to manufacturing and selling textile machine parts. Today, we have been able to grow to the point of being highly regarded not only in Japan but also overseas under the name "YUASA BRAND".
"YUASA BRAND" is created based on the accumulation of know-how, the inheritance of delicate manufacturing technology, comprehensive sales system in the company and thoroughly quality / product management.
Each production process is supported by eyes and hands of human, so our high quality is maintained and guaranteed.
We believe this "the quality supported by everyone" is an great asset that Yuasa should continue to cherish.
In addition, to celebrate the next 100 years of establishment - an important milestone and look forwards the next 100 years, we are not only focusing on the adaptive flexibility of the product, but also investing in equipment, human resources and try new challenges.
We will take a look at new possibilities by applying existing technology and finding customers' needs, while provides a place where active staff can develop their active roles fairly regardless of age or career.
If we make employees be happy, we are also prosper. Yuasa is allways respect traditional values and people values on our way of development.
Please look forward to the success of specialists of various fields that Yuasa is proud of.