Yuasa brand of quality- Product lineup for control mentanece

Introducing our equipment. It is classified into "Product Development", "Mold Manufacturing", "Product Manufacturing", "Measuring Instruments", and "Others".

  • product development
    We have a lot of equipment for basic research to develop new products, trial products and new products test reviews. From the guide (yarn guide) currently used by the customer we can experiment to know is there the best surface finish and product of the guide or not. We also support witness test if customer request.
  • Mold manufacturing
    Molds are necessary for production a lot of products and parts. Currently, we are manufacturing mold and press punching type for injection molding of ceramics and plastic materials. In addition, the mold can be used for a long time by performing maintenance management (maintenance) on a regular.
  • Product manufacture
    We use marketed machine and Yuasa’s machine properly to manufacture ceramics, metal, and plastic products and parts. In addition, the jigs and tools used in manufacture these products are also designed by Yuasa to realize the best product manufacturing
  • Measuring instrument
    We have measuring instruments, surface observation equipment and counter used to determine whether products, parts, and materials manufactured by our company or partner companies are within the standards. We do this on a regular basis so that the figures displayed are always correct.
  • Other equipment
    Unlike other equipment, it called a behind-the-scenes equipment. However, without these equipment, wastewater generated in the manufacturing process cannot be treated, and there is no place to store products, parts, materials, jigs and tools. Maintenance and control costs are high, but all of them are indispensable and important equipment.